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Poinsettia Cocktails May 20, 2013

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Stephanie made these for both Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012.  They are festive looking and very tasty, too.  Each time she thought she was only going to make one batch, but guests clamored for another.  Only running out of vodka put a stop to making a third.

poinsettia cocktail

1 bottle of Champagne or any sparkling wine, chilled
1 bottle cranberry juice (the real stuff), chilled
1/2 bottle orange-flavored vodka, chilled
1 cup fresh cranberries, frozen
1 orange, sliced
bag of ice, quantity as needed


Mix the first three ingredients together in a large pitcher.  Pour into ice-filled glasses, garnishing with fresh cranberries and a slice of orange.


One Response to “Poinsettia Cocktails”

  1. I made this for Christmas 2013 and used a bottle of Champagne Emily’s husband, Jeff received from one of his customers. The cocktails disappeared in short order. When I looked on-line where to buy more of the Champagne for New Year’s Eve, I discovered this particular “Champagne Brut Perrier-Jouet Fleur De Champagne 1999 a Epernay-France” would set me back $150.00 a bottle. I am quite sure Frenchmen were rolling over in their graves as I mixed their beloved Champagne with American cranberry juice and Russian Vodka. Not to mention ice, and lots of it! “Oh, mon dieu!” Stephanie

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