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About December 11, 2012


Recipes (Photo credit: pirate johnny)

In my family we love to cook and we love to eat.  And we’re pretty good at both.

In 2000, I collected, typed, printed, hole-punched, and clipped into 30 three-ring binders many of our family’s favorite recipes, including some recipes from generations past.

There was a second edition in 2005 that was produced in the same low-tech but mostly effective way, but when it came time to consider a third edition, I knew I wanted to go online.  I want it searchable by ingredient or course or holiday, I want folks to be able to pull up our recipes while standing in Publix, and I want this collection of recipes to grow in number and in audience.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. What a great idea to have all the recipes on-line! Looking forward to the finished project (though I suppose it will be ever-changing and evolving as we all try new recipes and variations on old one).

  2. Okay, I am hooked. Just clicked through the collection of new recipes. Yum! Will we be able to print the recipes out?

    • If you click on the recipe heading, you’ll have just one recipe on the page and can then print it. THere are special “plug-in” applications I’m exploring that would allow for nicely formatted printing. But those cost money, and I’m not sure which I should use right now.

  3. I am going through my photos, as well as trying to take new pictures of new recipes as I make them. I think I will start with a yummy drink recipe I just discovered. I should email photo and recipe to you, right?

  4. Would a digital photo be one taken with an iPhone? Hope so, because that is what I have. “Not Your Mama’s Raspberry Lemonade” forthcoming.

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